You’re not happy? Blame your schooling.

Esse Quam Videri

Should schools be prioritising the goal of producing happy well rounded children? I suppose that depends what they means in practice. How do I ensure my children are happy? How do I make them well rounded so they can lead happy fulfilling lives?
Well for starters… I do believe that parents should be a bit selfish. I’ve got friends who think they should respond to their child’s every whim and a parent’s selflessness seems to be directly proportional to the child’s selfishness. It strikes me a child needs to learn to be selfless. It teaches them self control and thus gives them freedom from being a slave to their impulses. There has been a lot of debate recently on twitter about creating well rounded, happy, individuals. So is that rule no. 1? The problem is that lots of people would disagree with me, in fact, now I say it, I…

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