Who’s That Girl?

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

Who’s That Girl?

A friend of mine gave me a bit of a shock a while back. We hadn’t been in touch for years and years, and then there was Facebook.  Shortly after that there was a picture of me I hadn’t known existed.  There I was, in what must have been my third year at university; me and my bike, my torn jeans and my Doctor Martens.  I can’t remember the photograph being taken, not at all, but I can well imagine the scene.  Friends were lolling around, probably after having finished our finals, I was passing, and stopped for a chat.  Someone took my picture, as simple as that.

What shocked me wasn’t so much that there was a picture of me that I didn’t know about, nor that it had been posted without my permission.  No, what shocked me was the slightly diffident, unknowingly confident smile of…

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