After school this evening I checked my twitter feed and was met by this confusing tweet:


After some investigation it seems that the tweeter Ben Rouse (@Mr_BRouse) was engaging in a process of “pimping” some trig questions to make them “interesting”. Having seen a few of the exchanges after, and having looked at his links, I think he means add more context/make more practical. The questions he posted were specifically what I call “RAT Trig” (Right Angled Triangle Trigonometry), and didn’t include Pythagoras’s Theorem.

I can understand the desire to contextualise these questions, and show pupils why they might use this. I often use real life type questions teaching this. Infact I planned a lesson around it with the help of a friend of mine who is a joiner, and have noted the cross over with the construction teacher at school. I’m sure Ben’s lesson…

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