Pawns? Nah pawns are important – guest post adapted from email received


Pawns? Nah, pawns are important

Since it happened, I have wondered what the point was of the primary dominated visit to the DfE on the 8th April. The first and most glaring issue was the fact that only two full-time teachers were present. The second was that as a whole those attending have a certain educational ideology they subscribe to. To spell it out, they’re progressives. I would have been far more comfortable had Michael Tidd or Mr Chadwick been able to attend. Not only would that have bumped up the teacher count, but it would also have concentrated the discussion on the curriculum, which I understand was ostensibly the point of the meeting in the first place.

As a record for what was discussed I am using Tim Taylor’s notes, which he helpfully published.

As if a sign of things to come, Liz Truss appeared to not be…

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