#Whoiamwhatido What made Cherrylkd?


Last weekend I read a couple of posts as part of a collaborative post started by Rory Gallagher aka @eddiekayshun. I enjoyed them thoroughly. It’s lovely to read what made people who they are. What drives them on and where their values originate from. I read @chrischivers2 and @jillberry102 who took time out of her doctorate to write her post. I decided I should lift the lid on my own values.

I don’t do ‘personal’ on twitter. Pretty much everything I post on here relates to my professional life. That’s just the way I like it. Don’t misunderstand, I do have a hectic social, private life but it isn’t my way to tell the world about it. For the purposes of this post I will tell you that I didn’t start my degree and then my teaching qualification until I was a mature student. I totally wasted my time at…

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