Head teachers earning 6 figure salaries

Mr Melaney

Pay and pensions has been in the media an awful lot lately, what with strikes happening just about every month and achieving nothing apart from annoying families who have to work and those outside of the profession with it constantly rearing it’s ugly head in the news. You’ll be pleased to know this isn’t another one of my rants about striking.

Instead this one is about news that nearly 1000 head teachers are earning 6 figure salaries (over £100,000) according to figures published by the Department for Education, which immediately makes the thought of ‘more transparency needed’ come to mind.

This figure has risen more than a quarter (29%) of the number earning such salaries in comparison to 2 years ago. The question has to be asked in some people’s mind: Are schools abusing public money bit like the banks?

I will be honest here, the figures do show that…

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