RIP whole school CPD


Most teachers have sat in a hall, all together and been talked ‘at’ regarding a whole school priority. The thing that the latest Ofsted report said we should focus on: ‘boys’, ‘differentiation’ or ‘starters’. It may have been presented in a funny, engaging, anecdotal manner, with laughter and nods from the audience.

But what impact does it have? How does it change what we do for the better? How is the impact of this ‘training’ measured? Can it be measured? 

I am fed up with the lack of differentiation with CPD.  Could it be that I am able to teach boys, differentiate effectively and am brilliant with starters*? Could it be that what I need to work on is something that no-one else in my school does? **

If we are saying that students deserve a differentiated lesson, can have different special needs and have individual targets, then why isn’t…

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