Mrs P Teach: There’s No Education Like “Show” Education

…like no education I know!!!

The school production.  In some teachers, it brings about a sense of dread and, in others, the fluttery butterflies of excitement.  Thankfully for me, it’s the latter.  Questions like “What will we do this year?” and “Who will be cast as leads?” fly around both staff and children as decisions are made.  First, a show is chosen or, where the talent is available, written, based on the cohort to perform it.  How many strong singers have we got? How do they act as a whole? What are they into? What will suit them? It all has to be taken into account as the wrong show for the wrong group will cause a lot of extra problems.  Next, the casting takes place with audition pieces handed out, practised and then performed for the chance of the key role.  The excitement builds as teachers make the choices and then announce the parts, ensuring every child that wanted a part has one and that the characters are suited to them.  It is then that the real hard work starts.

via Mrs P Teach: There’s No Education Like “Show” Education.



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