Books you should buy before Summer Institute


In my bid to start organising my final portfolio this Easter holiday, I have uncovered my rather battered looking Subject Knowledge Audit. Written, in my salad days, prior to ever having written a PGCE essay, taught a lesson or generally having any idea what was in store for me, it is a bit of an embarrassing document. With this in mind I thought that it might be handy to pull together a list of books that are by no means definitive, but will definitely give you a good starting point for Summer Institute. Voila:

(In no particular order!)

1. Learning to Teach in the Primary School

Arthur and Cremin: Routledge (2010)

It’s recommended by the tutors of a reason folks. Don’t read it cover to cover but make a hit list. I’d say differentiation and AFL would be very good places to start.

2. Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your…

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