The ‘Human League’ Tables



In my last post I had a dig at ‘testing’ but in truth I am more concerned about the direction of travel in education. Our obsession with accounting for the quality of ‘education’ via tables, tests and historical ‘status quo’ rather than understanding the meaning of what we are doing or trying to achieve.  I have real doubts about what we teach and why. The test is the raw nerve at the end for me because they just seem to scratch the surface and therefore make education a limp prosthetic to life.

What is it that makes us humane?

Amongst the animal world we have, in Dawkins words, “Uniquely big brains” which have “evolved after our habit of walking on two legs.” And this has bought us to where we are today.  TED Blogs recently did a piece entitled ‘What will blow our minds in the *next* 30 years?’…

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