A reflection on the place of #homework in school

Brian Sharland

A couple of days ago I saw a tweet linking to this piece on ‘Five false claims about homework’ and I’ve been wanting to write a piece responding to this, reflecting on it and adding a few extra views I have about the place of homework in school.

The five claims, almost myths, about homework which the author John Spencer sets out are as follows:

  1. Homework builds a work ethic
  2. Homework prepares kids for college (it’s an american piece)
  3. Homework prepares kids for a career
  4. Homework teaches responsibility
  5. Homework lets kids practice skills in their own time

The author doesn’t completely trash all of these myths, acknowledging quite rightly in some cases that homework does have benefits in each of these areas but he makes enough of a case to make one reconsider a number of prior positions one may hold about homework.

So instead of a direct response to…

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