‘How come you’ve got their books?’

Numeracy, Quadratics and Trying to teach them (NQT)

I like to think of myself as a pretty organised and motivated PGCE student. I work hard, want the best for my students and want to learn more and more about how I can be even better for them. For the most part, this involves perusing the realms of twitter and TES for ideas to try out and use to make the learning more effective and purposeful in my classrooms.

Admittedly, this does not always work out the way it was intended. Sometimes they learn nothing. Sometimes they learn something. Sometimes I have absolutely no idea (it’s a learning experience for me, too, right?). I go away feeling either deflated or joyous based all too often on whether Jacob* did or did not throw lesson-long strop #54 due to my insistence that no, you will not be sitting next to Darren* today. Or tomorrow. Or for the rest of the year. Other times it is based upon the eye rolling frequency from Year 10…

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