Debbie Hepplewhite replies to Richard Garner of the Independent

Read here Debbie Hepplewhite’s robust reply to a shoddy article by Richard Garner of the Independent:

And Richard, if you would like to see how Synthetic Phonics helps dyslexic children to read, please come to the Bloomfield Learning Centre to observe my lessons.  All our pupils learn to read.  Mostly they have not been taught systematic phonics in school properly.  Possibly due to the ‘reading for pleasure’ approach.  Do you know what that actually is? It means leaving children to flounder and guess the word as they have no idea how to decode it.

And by the way Richard, if your child is sounding out – ch-ur-ch. That is good news because:

1.  they can probably spell it correctly.

2. because they probably can decode lots more words with the spelling ‘ur’:  ‘s-ur-f-a-ce’,  t-ur-b-a-n,  g-ur-g-le, h-ur-t-i-ng etc. and that is fantastic!  Come on down to the Bloomfield and learn a…

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