Performance and Learning in English and Science

docendo discimus

Alex Weatherall and David Didau have just had an interesting Twitter exchange. David has written a blog post suggesting that a fundamental point about AfL may be flawed – he’s suggesting that learning is invisible, only performance can be seen and that therefore the idea of checking learning regularly in order to guide teaching is misguided, since you cannot check what you cannot see.

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and some 🙂 to pour oil on troubled water (opportunity missed to estimate the size of hydrocarbon molecules), Alex tweeted “I *think* it’s due to some fundamental difference between how Science and English are taught. I will ponder.” and David riposted “That would assume that learning is visible in science?”

This made me sit up and take notice – I’ve been vaguely wondering about how much teaching approaches / knowledge v skills / constructivist v didactic etc. is subject…

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