The Progressive-Traditional Pedagogy Tree



This post is based on my talk for #PedagooLondon14 at the IoE. Having offered to run a workshop ages ago, when finally pressed for a title by the wonderful, patient organiser Helene Galdinoshea, I’d just been reading another rather tedious, acrimonious tit-for-tat twitter exchange.  Progressives vs Traditionalists acting out The North vs The South or Roundheads vs Cavaliers.  My thought was: I don’t get this. I don’t understand the heightened righteousness of each position; it’s not how I relate to my job as a teacher and school leader. So the title was “Walking the Traditional-Progressive Line; why it pays to have a foot in both camps”.

My general argument is that, however we define the supposedly opposing poles of traditional and progressive pedagogy, they both have a vital role in a child’s education. I am not suggesting that there is no distinction.  I’ve probably been wrong in talking previously about…

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