You are wrong! My #PedagooLondon14 presentation


It was great to be back at the IOE for Pedagoo London 2014, and many thanks must go to @hgaldinoshea & @kevbartle for organising such a wonderful (and free!) event. As ever there’s never enough time to talk to everyone I wanted to talk to, but I particularly enjoyed Jo Facer’s workshop on cultural literacy and Harry Fletcher-Wood’s attempt to stretch a military metaphor to provide a model for teacher improvement. As I was presenting last I found myself unable to concentrate during Rachel Steven’s talk on Lesson Study and returned to the room in which I would be presenting to catch the end of Kev Bartle’s fascinating discussion of a Taxonomy of Errors.

If you’ve been following the blog you may be aware that I’ve been pursuing the idea that learning is invisible and that attempts to demonstrate it in the classroom may be fundamentally flawed. Clearly, what with all the reading and thinking I’m putting in to this line of inquiry, I think I’m right. But then, so do we all. No teacher would ever choosing to do something they believed to be wrong just because they were told to, would they?

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