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The day of #PedagooLondon had arrived. Days like these, although wonderfully inspirational, do provide sufficient moments of trepidation for me. Yesterday, I almost bottled it. All those people. All those Twitter folk. All those potential moments of small talk looming. If I wasn’t a good sleeper, it would have been a sleepless night. Fortunately, I could happily sleep through a bulldozer ploughing straight into my bedroom so a lack of sleep wouldn’t be another problem to add to my already anxiety ridden day.

Upon arrival into London I sauntered to the station toilet. I didn’t really need it. To all you extroverts out there, this is otherwise known as socialising procrastination.

Inevitably, I then got lost. I don’t know how. I never know how. I’m invariably in London when it happens. A sense of direction is something I was certainly not born with and it turns out, I’ve still not…

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