What does lesson observation research actually say?

docendo discimus

Buffy took seven complete series before the First Evil was finally defeated when Spike’s amulet channeled the power of the Sun into the Hellmouth and Sunnydale High School collapsed into a hole that makes the VW swallowing Buckinghamshire effort seem pretty tame. It’s looking as though it might take more like a mere seven months for the research on reliability of lesson observations, unleashed by Rob Coe, to do the same for the graded lesson observations that have stalked the corridors of our own schools, devouring innocent teachers, for many a year.

I have never believed that teacher effectiveness could be judged on three graded lesson observations per year; I cannot see how Ofsted inspectors can believe that the teaching charade they view during an inspection gives them much useful information about the quality of teaching and learning in a school; and I think that basing PRP decisions on individual…

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