Keeping up with OfSTED’s Goalposts. What SLTs should do.


A blog reporting on a bloggers' meeting with OfSTED has gone crazy. My blog post reporting on a bloggers’ meeting with OfSTED has gone crazy.

My post on Thursday, Meeting OfSTED: The Game has Changed has blasted all my previous blog stats out of the water, heading for 50,000 views in three days.  It’s been an astonishing few days of questions and queries about the real meaning of what is going on.  Mike Cladingbowl has published a clarification and even that has raised further questions. Having invited a group of us to meet him – on the basis of our blogged views on OfSTED – he even took pains to consult us on the content of the clarification. He wants to get it right; that’s what he said.

My interpretation of all of this is that Mike Cladingbowl has found himself in charge of a process that is widely misinterpreted and he is determined to change that.  He seems to see the…

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