Don’t read these books!


You may have missed it but there was something of a spat on Twitter a few weeks back when one blogger suggested that certain books weren’t worth reading. After all sorts of guff about the ‘pedagogy police’ was slung back and forth the dust settled, an apology was issued, and we all went on with life as before, bruised but wiser.

But there was some sort of consensus that slagging off ideas wasn’t very nice and that criticism should be constructive. I think.

Last week, as you’ve probably heard, I got to meet with Ofsted’s National Director of Schools, Mike Cladingbowl. At one point during the discussion on Ofsted not having a preferred teaching style he asked, his voice dripping with scorn and incredulity, “Did you know, someone has written a series of books called The Perfect Ofsted Lesson?”

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