Through the looking glass

Distant Ramblings on the Horizon


First job, take the register. A quick scan around the room. All but one accounted for.

“OK, where’s Katie this afternoon?”

The reminder that she was at her extra maths session flashed up. He noted the dot was amber.

“Don’t worry, I know.”

The room settled quickly to quiet as Mr L scanned the children in front of him.

“I’ve sent your homework marked back to everyone who handed it in. Good job from most of you. There are comments and any extra work needed on your tablets. George and Hassan, I still haven’t seen yours. By morning, without fail please.”

George and Hassan looked up at him and glared back. Believe it when I see it, he thought. Mr L looked at George. Hmm, still issues across the school, along with that exclusion last week. Scrolling further through the record didn’t make it look any better. He glanced at…

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