Being the 1% – what does it take to make CPD effective?

Barely 1% of training [CUREE] looked at was effectively transforming classroom practice.”
Teacher Development Trust


It’s not often I lay claim to membership of ‘The 1%.’  On CPD, however, I’m optimistic – I believe our school’s programme of teacher development has overcome some of the flaws found in many schools and is helping teachers to transform their practice.

What’s wrong with CPD?

Doug Lemov has argued persuasively there are three main ways schools can better the standard of teaching: labour market strategies to attract and retain good teachers; incentives and performance management to reward good practice (or punish bad); and helping existing teachers improve.  He notes that most schools concentrate on the first two, yet the first is a zero-sum game – one school’s gain is another’s loss – while the second achieves little unless teachers’ improvement is supported. 

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