Are we any clearer? Ofsted explain what they do and don’t do


The story so far…

On Tuesday I, and four other education bloggers met with Ofsted’s National Director of Schools Mike Cladingbowl to discuss, among other things, now and why lessons are graded by Ofsted. We were told, “Inspectors must not grade lessons,” and announced this to a jubilant public.

Then, questions started popping up and inconsistencies began to emerge. Various inspectors expressed their confusion about what this meant as, it transpired, Ofsted’s evaluation forms (EFs) contain a box within which inspectors record a grade for teaching quality. So, what were we to believe? Were inspectors meant to grade lessons or not? Cladingbowl had seemed pretty clear, but was it true? Cladingbowl tweeted that he would provide clarification on this point.

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