Teaching the Timeline: Chronology as Core Curriculum


Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 16.00.53 600 years of history. Where to start? With the big picture perhaps.

Increasingly, I find myself drawn to the issue of chronology; the importance of understanding the scale and sequence of historical eras and the framework for locating every event and every historical figure relative to every other.  This is the big picture; the story of everything we’ve ever known and ever done.  This hyperhistory site is great place to start exploring chronology although the internet is awash of timelines of one kind or another.

As a science teacher, I find that a strong historical framework is essential in developing the concepts and making connections between them.  One of my all-time favourite books is Bill Bryson’s A Short
History of Nearly Everything:

This book should be compulsory reading in schools.  IMHO This book should be compulsory reading in schools. IMHO

The book pulls together various strands of science so that you get a sense of the significance of certain…

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