Where is the desk of the new Regional School Commissioners?

Laura McInerney

A few months ago the government advertised for 8 “Regional School Commissioners”. Since then Michael Gove, secretary of state for education, has said several times that the Commissioners with be the eyes and ears of the Department for Education. He will devolve his school monitoring and closing powers to them so they can become a sort of academy ninja mob roaming the streets of ‘places that aren’t London’ taking out bad academies and spreading love for the good.

While there are lots of questions I could raise about this policy I keep coming back to the same one and so far no one has an answer:

Where will their desks be?

People look at me like I’m mad. “It’s a digital world,” they say, “the Commissioner’s desk can be in Starbucks, or their car, or a school….”

I look at them they like they are mad. “These eight…

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