Levels: where is all went wrong

Clio et cetera

Levels are dead! Long live… well, what? I am quite a fan of the new 2014 National Curriculum for history. I very much wish that Michael Gove had been brave enough to do what was originally intended in the National Curriculum and to have history compulsory to 16 (we can blame Ken Clarke for it being pegged back to 14) which would bring us in line with most of the rest of Europe. As a statement about what pupils should know about the past, however, I’m generally in agreement with its emphases. What I am most pleased about, however, is that the new National Curriculum ditched the level descriptors. I want to use this post to explain why.

To understand this, we need to take a trip back to the earliest National Curriculum. Let’s take a quick look at one of the Attainment Targets for the 1991 National Curriculum…

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