On engagement (again)

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I’ve read a lot on my TL about engagement so I thought I’d revisit the word. There have been a lot of tweets saying “Engagement means …” or “Engagement doesn’t mean …”. Not all of them agree each other. This illustrates my point rather well.

One problem with the word engagement is that it means different things to different people.

Another is that all views are not equal when it comes to defining “engaged”, “engaging” and “engagement”. It matters what an observer, Senior Leader or Ofsted Inspector means by those terms. They can affect your promotion prospects, your pay, your career. They can close schools. There’s isn’t  huge amount of mileage in engaging in philosophical debate about the meaning of “engaging” when your lesson’s being slaughtered. It doesn’t win you any friends among the powers that be in my experience. It doesn’t really matter what someone with no power or…

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