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When I started this blog, I didn’t really expect very much.  As a veteran bedroom-studio musician, I’m used to the tumbleweed of indifference to my creations.  I flogged my music through MySpace for a couple of years and got absolutely nowhere beyond a few scraps of encouragement.  So, with low expectations to start with, the level of engagement with this blog never ceases to surprise me.

I was really happy with how it went last year, but this month things have moved to another level. For the first time, I’ve had over 50,000 views in a month, with over 1000 views every day. Some days I’ve pushed this along with quite a few tweet-outs, but on others, strange flurries of interest have developed out of nothing; a sudden interest in old blogs, a Facebook post in Sweden or an unexpected plug from the GuardianTeacher site have kept things moving.

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