Graded Lesson Observations: Defibrillation or a Stake through the Heart?

docendo discimus

An observer enters your classroom. Is this person your HoD, the assistant head with responsibility for T&L, an Ofsted inspector, or a demon who has occupied a corpse and is coming to suck your blood? A fair number of commentators have recently suggested the latter and have been sharpening words, and presumably a variety of sticks, with a view to dispatching said vampires to the demon dimensions. Like Rupert Giles, Robert Coe from Durham University CEM (possibly a pseudonym for the Watchers Council) has been quietly dispensing the wisdom of the ancientsacademics, guiding the Slayers in their quest. But is the graded lesson observation really the personification of evil, or does it have a soul worth saving?

Wilshaw’s Westminster Education Forum speech on 7th November 2013 included the line: “Which ivory towered academic, for example, recently suggested that lesson observation was a waste of time – Goodness me!” Does…

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