Evaluating and Improving our Practice: A Paradigm Shift


In the last week, a series of events and meetings at my school signalled collectively that we’ve turned a corner with our view of some key processes.

  • How we evaluate and improve the quality of teaching overall.
  • The role of lesson observations
  • The way we regard our action research activities as a feature of self-evaluation and CPD within a broader evidence-based professional culture

The major changes in our thinking include the following:

  • We recognise that conclusions from one-off lesson observations are limited and, therefore, cannot be used in isolation as a meaningful way to evaluate what we do.
  • We understand that learning is not always visible or measurable, and this needs to be recognised in the gathering of evidence to inform our evaluation of the impact of the strategies we use as we seek to maximise students’ learning.
  • We have the confidence to apply evidence-based thinking to a critical evaluation of…

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