You’re My Teach First, My Teach Last, My Teach Everything

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Two confessions to begin this post. The first is that the title is a shameless decision, made purely so that I can crowbar in a Barry White choon.

The second confession is that I am not a Teach Firster. I know. I know. God please forgive me, but nearly 20 years ago I went to a university to take a PGCE in English with Drama. I’m not ashamed of the fact, and I don’t care who knows it. I don’t see myself as a dinosaur for following that route into the classroom (or, more pertinently at the time, for following that route into an extra year of student life complete with grant from the government). In truth it was the only way into teaching open to me at the time, given that I hadn’t opted to follow a B.Ed route at the start of my undergraduate career.

Happily for me…

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