Labour Education Policy: Let’s take a moment to think it through


Being in opposition is a nightmare.  You don’t have the resources of the DfE at your disposal to research ideas; it’s a shoestring affair.  If you float policies too early, they’ll be shredded before you can cost them or get them started as a pilot OR they’ll be stolen and you lose political traction.  If you leave it too late, or leave out key details, you get slammed for not having credible policies or ones that are well thought out.  And of course, ideas are just ghosts and empty air unless you get elected – and that’s a dirty business; it’s not for the faint-hearted or for idealists.

So, with 17 months to go to the election, Tristram Hunt has broken cover:  the germ of a policy idea has been announced – and is fighting for air amongst the multi-sensory media mishmash  (a McDonald’s Daily Deli Deal) and the pre-emptive…

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