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It’s the first lesson back after the holidays, 8:15 – 9:05a.m.

It’s the troisième – 20 odd fifteen year olds.

As anticipated a quarter of them were absent.

Not wanting to spend the whole lesson writing ( -we only have three lessons a week and I feel a bit useless sitting there watching them write so it’s usually oral in class and writing for homework), we do an all singing, all dancing oral activitiy first.

OK, it’s more all mumbling, all shuffling, but I do get them up, in two lines, changing partners every 2 minutes.

Now for the writing activity, I’m very excited about this because we’ve just joined the 100 Word Challenge.

Obviously I’m more excited than the students, but I know they love my buzzy lessons deep (deep) down.

I explain the challenge, give them this week’s prompt, and let them get on with it.


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