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Be happy and welcome in the new year with your learners.

My timeline is full of teachers who are anxious about returning to work on Monday. There has been a flurry of planning, marking and general knot-tying of stomachs about the demands and responsibilities that may face us in the New Year. I sympathise, but my concern is with my own learners. Often after a long holiday, behaviour and motivation can diminish and students can feel disaffected (not too far off mirroring the feelings of some staff who dread rather than relish the challenge of a new term). For many children, it is school and not home that provides the clear boundaries and routine in their lives, and a long period of absence from a structured environment, with caring adults can be harmful. Returning to school can be for many, traumatic and even bring to the front feelings of shame in a culture that celebrates material consumption, something that many children can not revel in due to the economic conditions at home. I want to welcome in the New Year with my learners creating a feeling of genuine feeling of belonging for students, where they can achieve in a positive climate that celebrates their individual successes, be them academic or not.

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  1. Ian Stock says:

    How heart-warming. O.K., I’m being slightly sarcastic, and there are no doubt many children for whom those words ring true. But there are also plenty who think they are doing the teachers a favour by being there (“If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have a job…”), to whom different sentiments might apply.

    And by and large it isn’t the kids who cause the depression – it’s the way schools are run – and (sometimes) the people who run them.

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