Teach like a Champion?

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Top of my Christmas list this year was Doug Lemov’s Teach like a Champion. I think the Initial Teacher Training we run is good in many ways but the extent to which trainees get specific, concrete advice on ways to improve their teaching depends very heavily on the skills of the mentor in school. Where the mentors are excellent, the advice and target-setting are really specific and the trainee can try new techniques out immediately. But a lot of mentors don’t manage this, even though they are very supportive generally. I wondered whether ideas from this book could fill some of the gap. Having read it, I think it’s a great book with plenty to say to those involved in ITT in the UK but maybe it’s not such a good choice for a trainee’s reading list. I’ll come back to what it does have to offer in a…

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  1. Just read this book even though I’ve been teaching for 15 years. Made me very reflective. Helpful advice for teachers of all experiences.

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