Stack of Marking

One of my first teaching heroes never even became a teacher.

She was a colleague of mine on the PGCE course; bright, funny with wide eyes encased firmly behind some serious coke-bottle specs. She looked the part and acted it too. She did well in her assignments and, according to the people that she was on placement with, was a blast in the classroom. You sometimes meet people like that; people who you admire with their sheer togetherness. People you feel like you wish you were when you are scrabbling. People you might even feel a little jealous of if you’re being honest with yourself.

Then, about twelve weeks into the training, she quit. Just like that. Done.

Our little circle of prospective Educators Who Were Going to Change the World were flabbergasted. She was doing a hell of a lot better than most of us poor fools. We were…

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