Last Orders For The Echo Chamber Blogroll

As explained here I am intending to update the Echo Chamber Blogroll during these holidays. Many bloggers have already contacted me in order to be added, but if you haven’t then please do comment below. I haven’t rejected anyone from the blogroll (as I said in that previous post the requirements are fairly minimal) so if you attempted to contact me but I haven’t added you, please try again.

The other side to this is that I will remove any blogs that have fallen into disuse. I am going to use the end of September as the cut-off. So the following blogs will be deleted from the blog roll unless some content during October-December 2013 can be found by the start of January:

There are also several others which have either moved or been renamed which I will try to deal with separately.

Thank you.

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12 Responses to Last Orders For The Echo Chamber Blogroll

  1. Yes please!

    If it is on the blog roll does it automatically get put onto the Echo Chamber or do we have to let you know we have posted?

  2. Yours is already on there. (Under “T” not “H”),

    Posts are not automatic. They have to be read and approved by one of the team, although in order to avoid double-posting that’s usually me, except for when people reblog their own posts. A reminder can help if you think it’s the sort of thing that normally gets reblogged that has nevertheless been missed but I do tend to read all the blogs.

  3. That makes perfect sense! Let’s hope we can encourage more to keep going.

  4. Hi,

    I’m happy to be included as a different perspective on things as a trainee.


  5. Simon Knight says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I can be found blogging here:

  6. Chris Hall says:

    Any chance of adding me to the blogroll?

    Hope I’m not too late & keep up the good work.

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