Nurture 1314


Inspired by the fantastic #Nurture1314 reviews I’ve read over the last few days, here are my reflections…

13 reasons to be thankful:

  1. In October, the school I teach in was placed in Special Measures. Staff at the school have mostly responded to this with a steely determination to show rapid and sustained progress, although the pressure the judgement has created has been hard to bear. I fully believe the judgement was not deserved. This response is not complacency; much of the work we do is good, and we were not treated justly. I am fighting on.
  2. Twitter as inspiration, particularly this term. It has been incredibly powerful for me to have conversations about good practice with other English teachers, free from the constraints of special measures. I owe a huge thanks to @agwilliams, @KerryPulleyn, @MissLFrosty, @shornymorgan and many, many others for their contributions to #engchatuk and #literacychatuk.
  3. The creative and  inspirational blogs I read that restore my faith in…

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