#Nurture1314 the review of 2013

Mishmashlearning goes blogging


2013 has been a year of ups, downs and plateaus. After an extended period of the Black Dog I reviewed my year using this blog to look back – apparently this is know as rigour and evidence based.


13 highlights

1) Self
As many of my regular readers are aware this has been a year of several extreme points. Recently depression and anxiety have see me signed of work so a review could possibly be very negative. Reviewing the year shows that: March,May, June and December have seen my lowest points. However, that means that 8 months of the year have been more positive and I need to remember this.

My blog now features a Mental Health category so readers looking for that do not need to read about pedagogy. The lows have been triggered by events within my close family and within myself and my own self esteem…

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