Will Clegg punish schools? Latest FSM farce

not very jolley

Whilst preparing my next blog on Free School Meals, I stumbled across some new information on an aspect I was going to include in my penultimate section of the current blog stream, (major outstanding issues with FSM policy). I feel it is such an important development I am slipping it in on its own, ahead of the promised instalment on the school food plan.

I have always thought one of the major stumbling blocks for this increasingly discredited policy would be how to enforce it, how to ensure it is rolled out to individual autonomous schools.

In a simplistic world, one where everything smells of Lib Dem yellow roses, where schools all have large halls, new kitchens and no budgetary pressures, you could just spend a few million on PR, bung local authorities the odd million, and assume every child will receive a hot meal every lunch time.

Sadly I…

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