What Is Your Impact?


When we fail to incorporate reflection and awareness into our leadership, we will struggle and eventually fail to assess, let alone comprehend our impact.

Which is often the issue…

Inundated.  Consumed.  Overwhelmed.  Busy beyond belief.  The urgency of the now so often overcomes us and our work.  The power of the present and its need to be taken care of is a demanding one.

We are often so consumed by the work stacked in front of us that we seldom consider, let alone reflect on our impact.  Short-term pressures have a tendency to win the tug of war over long-term considerations.

But, as leaders, if we continue down this road for very long, we will find that we’ve gained a great distance without ever determining a destination.

Which is why knowing your impact is essential to being effective.

Impact is a powerful word.  It is not subtle, especially when…

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