Behaviour is more than behaviour for learning

Horatio Speaks

And indeed, it takes from our achievements, though performed at height, the very pith and marrow of our attribute. – Hamlet

Behaviour as an issue in schools isn’t going to go away.  Tom Bennett was on Newsnight about it recently, saying some very sensible things when he was allowed. And of course on Twitter there have been conversations about how managing behaviour is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

The “end” that people have in mind is usually learning. “Behaviour for learning” is a slogan with some currency in UK  schools, and it seems to make sense, especially if you are a school leader and Ofsted are going to write a report that evaluates whether or not behaviour in your school promotes learning. But that very pragmatism can undermine our efforts. In the real world, we do not behave in order to allow others to learn…

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