Outside the head

holding the moment of holding

Most times , when I need to explain something,I end up scrabbling for a pen and some scrap of paper to draw on – maps, diagrams, key words – whatever it takes… But it never really occurred to me that the pen and paper were a necessary part of the thinking process…

In the episode of Radiolab called ‘Blame‘, during the second segment of the programme, Robert Krulwich gets into a discussion with David Eagleman about the gnarly topic of where responsibility lies in an era of neurocognitive explanations for human behaviour. Their debate revolved around this distinction that Krulwich unwittingly made between ‘me’ and ‘my brain’. Eagleman rightly pointed out that this was a false dichotomy which rests, I think, on a flawed language and a flawed set of ideas. However, for Eagleman, the answer was that the locus of the self is to be found entirely…

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