Knowledge, skills and the ignored dichotomy

Clio et cetera

I have been following the debate online in recent weeks on the knowledge-skills dichotomy, particularly the post written by David Didau. Generally speaking, I am in agreement with David that the debate is worth having and that we should not collapse a dichotomy that provides up with a means by which we can talk about matters of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.


I do, however, think that the knowledge-skills debate, while worth having, is weak if conducted in isolation from another debate between the generic and the subject-specific. I have grafted this dichotomy onto the following graph.


As with all such graphs, this is a distortion of a complex array of views, but I would encourage you to think about the blogs you read and to think about where they sit on this graph. In the top-right the example that comes to mind is the Old SHP (Schools History Project)…

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