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marking to feedbackJust over a week ago, I met with a group of staff who have volunteered to come up with a new feedback policy.  Like most schools, we have a marking policy in place, that outlines how often books should be marked and why etc.  However, as our staff come up with more sophisticated approaches to feedback (as shown by Andy Tharby in his brilliant blog) it is becoming clear that the time is right to review this and move more towards a feedback policy.  It seems, from twitter, that a number of other schools are taking the same approach.

Why feedback matters?

It’s not a great secret of teaching that students learn best when they receive very specific feedback about what they need to do to improve.   This is also backed up by evidence:

hattie feedbackThe work of John Hattie (above) suggests that feedback (with an effect size of 0.73) is well…

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