Life after levels: who’ll create a mastery assessment system?

Joe Kirby's blog

Whosever redesigns their curriculum and assessment for life after levels will reap the benefits




A great many schools I know are now considering the question of what to do about assessment. ‘Is there an alternative to national levels?’ they are asking. After all, assessment drives the curriculum: the curriculum cannot be considered without considering how it is being assessed. Here is the argument that I am building up on this blog:


Our curriculum and assessment aren’t designed with memory in mind.

National levelsare imprecise, ill-sequenced and confusing.

So we must redesign our curricula and assessment for memory with precision, sequencing and visibility in mind.


“There is plenty of mileage in Joe Kirby’s mastery model, but it needs flesh on the bones to become a viable proposition,” said Chris Hildrew in a recent blog. This blogpost tries to flesh out the model, asking: what…

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