Why I don’t think OFSTED can be reformed

Scenes From The Battleground

This is really just a follow up to this post: What I’d do about OFSTED I thought I’d spend a little more time emphasising why I think OFSTED needs to be abolished, or changed beyond all recognition immediately, rather than gradually reformed over time.

1) Gradual reform has already had plenty of time and failed.

Having written many, many blogposts about OFSTED’s advocacy of progressive teaching methods, I would like to think I can tell if change is really happening. I have heard a few more positive stories in recent months from people who were being inspected, but when I was researching this post by flicking through OFSTED reports from inspections in early October I was amazed that it was as easy as ever it was to find examples of inspectors endorsing progressive education apparently without any awareness that it might be controversial or that they were meant to be reporting…

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