Does school kill creativity?

From experience to meaning...

This Tuesday I had the pleasure to attend a keynote by professor Barend Van Heusden who talked about creativity and arts education. He never mentioned that specific famous TED-ster, but he did explain that contrary to popular belief, creativity augments by getting older.

Wait a minute, so the idea that school kills creativity could be wrong? Well, it’s nuanced to say the least.

Barend based his explanations on the research mentioned in the book  “Explaining Creativity” by R. Keith Sawyer, do note that the professor of course checked the research himself.

First of all Sawyer notes in his first chapter on conceptions of creativity that there are indeed many different views on the concept an that these views have changed over time. The idea of the child as born creative and society gradually corrupting them as they grow up originates in fact “from the 19th-century Romantic era-belief that…

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