Child Protection and Safeguarding training-Why is it so dreadful?


Finally, after 15 years of teaching I have had training on child protection and safeguarding that was not dreadful and/or pointless.

Pretty much everyone I have asked has found child protection training similarly pointless and/or dire.

I believe my previous schools viewed child protection training as a box that needed ticking so they could tell OFSTED that everyone had done it. The intention of the training could not possibly have been to convey any useful information to staff. (If it was then that will achieve the difficult task of lower my estimation of the competence of the Senior Leaders concerned.) This led to them either finding the cheapest provider they could or, even worse, doing it in-house.

I have lots of family members that work with children as social workers, youth workers, teachers, psychologists and doctors. I have had an awful lot of knowledge and expertise to draw on. Child…

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