Paxman, Hunt and the QTS issue

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Last night, Newsnight had an item on whether qualified teacher status should be a requirement in state funded schools. Nothing surprising about that. It’s been part of the debate about the problems in some free schools. And there was a debate in the House of Commons on the issue also yesterday.

You might think that the news out of that debate was that the Lib Dems to a person refused to support government policy and abstained. It included a speech by David Laws winding up against the Labour motion but reiterating Lib Dem policy which is exactly the same as the Labour policy. He got round this intriguing dilemma by resorting to anti-Labour abuse on unrelated subjects.

You might have thought that this deserved some coverage. But no – Newsnight confined itself to a sneering rubbishing of the concept of qualified teacher status. In as far as it had any…

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